About us

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About us 

IGA is founded in 2003 with the aim at voicing the interests of patient organizations on the global level. It is organized as an alliance of 7 continental and regional alliances of national umbrella patient organizations. In total around three thousand patient organizations through our members worldwide. And IGA continues to grow. In 2011 the Asian Pacific Genetic Alliance (APGA) was founded in Hong Kong consisting at the start of 7 umbrella organizations.

The International Genetic Alliance is committed to contribute to policy development and services improving early detection and accurate diagnosis, genetic counseling, treatment and prevention. Recently IGA is also active in the field of maternal and child health and in nutrition.

In this way IGA voices the interests of millions of individuals and families all over the world affected by genetic and congenital conditions. As a strong stakeholder we represent these families in various prestigious international organizations and networks. Moreover IGA has a specific interest in the   ethical, legal, psychosocial and cultural implications of research and health policy. 

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