About us

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Mission and Objectives


The International Genetic Alliance seeks a world where genetic conditions are understood, prevented, treated, ameliorated, and cured.


To promote medical genetic services, research, technologies, and access to information, in order to alleviate the burden of genetic conditions for individuals, families and communities.

Guiding Principles

Genetic conditions affect individuals, families, and communities. 
All individuals, regardless of their genetic condition, culture, race, ethnicity, beliefs and/or socio-economic status, deserve equal rights and opportunities, without prejudice, discrimination or stigma. 
Relevant social, ethical and legal protections are critical to the progress and translation of basic science to services. 
Worldwide information sharing and resource exchange, with respect for diversity, increases capacity and decreases disparities. 
Meaningful global progress in policy, health care and research requires a patient / parent network in partnership with health professionals, industry and policy makers. 
Applications of education, medical genetic services, research, and biotechnology alleviate the burden of genetic conditions.

Aims and Objectives

  • Support and accelerate research to prevent, treat, ameliorate and cure genetic conditions, through the translation of biotechnologies to accessible services. 
  • Develop policy in partnership with policy makers. 
  • Engage in partnerships with clinicians, researchers, industry, and NGOs with a shared mission. 
  • Establish best practice in medical genetic services that respect the autonomy of the individual, family, and community within a cultural context. 
  • Ensure access to relevant information, services, technologies, and medical treatments

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